The Pastor’s Pen

The Pastor’s Pen

             This month marks the first anniversary of the demolition and reconstruction of our Church building and foyer. Therefore, I though it good to give you an update and to share praise notes as well. First, the overall project as approved by the Church is complete. Most of the objectives have been met and our building has been serving us well for over six months. We are still working on the elimination of a few “bugs”, but we are sure our very few problems with the building and our Audio/Video can be overcome. In addition to our original project, we now have a new roof and a much larger storage building, along with a newly remodeled nursery. I believe the building we have now will serve the disciples who meet here for many years.  Guests who come to our church declare that the building is inviting and comfortable. For this, we give Jesus all the praise, honor and glory because we believe it was by His grace that we were able to accomplish this project. Going forward, I believe our maintenance of the building will be much easier. And, I believe we will see our building is much more energy efficient. Overall, I am very pleased with the finished product. Also, I am so grateful that we remain debt free. All the improvements were paid in full. Thanks again for your patience and cooperation through this long journey.

     As for the overall health of our Church, we are doing better. There is always room for improvement and we pray toward those ends. We need to ask the Lord more often for more and younger leaders in our church. Going forward, we will need dedicated Sunday school teachers, deacons, trustees and a host of volunteers to serve. Also, the time will come for new Pastoral leadership. To everything there is a season. And I know that my time here as your Pastor will come to an end and God will call a person to preach and lead with a Pastor’s heart. I believe when that time comes, the transition will be socked in prayer and guided with the wisdom that only the Holy Spirit can provide. And, I am sure it will lead to even a stronger and more productive ministry.

     So, as Bro. Will Havens would have said, “Let’s Keep On Keeping On”.  We have much to do to share the faith in our community. And, I pray we will never let go of the rope for our missionaries that serve so faithfully. Pray for Kris Yeomans family as they serve in Niger and for our new church plants in the U.S.A. God, has great things in store for this Church. Let us always be found faithful!  


See you Sunday!