Tim’s Tidbits


Wow, what a summer it has been! I would like to first thank all who served the kids who attended our Vacation Bible School this year in whatever way you served. I thank you!


The students learned how Jesus Rescues us when we are: lonely, worried, struggling, when we do wrong, and when we are powerless. I am excited to see how this fruit grows in the coming years from these seeds that are planted.


We had our Mission and Ministry Summit last month and had a great time worshiping with around 1,000 other members of our General Baptist family. It was both encouraging and helpful with all of the classes and sermons that were given. We got to take part in the groundbreaking work in Niger by attending the commissioning ceremony for them as we prayed over them. Pastor Oren did a wonderful job articulating why established churches like ours MUST be involved in seeing new work started and supporting that work to the fullest as we “hold the rope” for them. We are so thankful for all those who helped with child care and who took advantage of our annual meeting being so close to home.


Our youth ministry, FILLED YOUTH and FILLED KIDZ, are looking forward to this new semester. We have brought on new volunteers to serve our students from pre-k through 12th grade. I would ask for your prayers as we head into this 2018-19 school year for opportunities to share the Gospel with more students and to see those who are following Jesus grow stronger in their faith. Please also pray for our school staff of all positions as they lead our students in the knowledge they need to be productive citizens of our community and country. I’m looking forward to great things this school year for our community!


What’s about you? What’s next for you? We all go through different seasons of ministry and personal growth at different points in our lives. What are some next steps for you?

  • Maybe you are serving in one area, and God has laid some other ministry on your heart but you have been afraid to take that step of faith and enter into a new season.
  • Maybe you have never been baptized and are now ready to show everyone that you are linked with Jesus and are following Him in baptism.
  • Maybe God has laid an individual on your heart who does not know His salvation and you need to share that with them and invite them to the fellowship with other believers and become a part of the local body of Christ at Ava GB.
  • Maybe you have been attending but want to become a member of this local body of Christ and support the ministry in Ava in that way.
  • Maybe it is joining a small group/Sunday school class/Bible study.


Whatever your next step is, I ENCOURAGE you to take it. I pray this August is a month that we continue to EQUIP one another so that we can ENCOUNTER the lost of this community and around the world.


By this time, the Yeomans have landed and started work in Niger. Please pray for them and the Kingdom work that is going on there. If you would like to receive updates from them, please let me know and we can get you signed up on their email list or link you to their Facebook page.


May God bless you and you follow Him daily!