Church Covenant

Having given ourselves to God, we now give ourselves to His church and covenant with it and with each other, as also with God.

1)      That we will forsake all unrighteousness, even the appearance of evil.  We will abstain from all questionable pursuits and pleasures; we will forgo all hurtful habits; we will avoid all evil associations.

2)      That we will follow earnestly after righteousness and true holiness in the fear and love of God.  We will seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, trusting that all needful and helpful things will be added to us; we will seek entire consecration to God; we will seek the constant abiding of Divine Life within us; and we will be satisfied only when we have evidence that we please God and are accepted of Him.

3)      That we will faithfully improve all means of grace.  We will attend and support the services of the church, the preaching, the social services, the business meetings; we will contribute freely of our means for the advancement of the Gospel; and we will cooperate with our brethren in every enterprise having for its end the glory of God and the salvation of men.

4)      That we will be Christ-like in our conduct.  We will be tender and affectionate toward each other; we will be careful of each other’s reputation, thinking no evil, and backbiting not with our tongues; we will return good for evil; we will be just and honest, truthful and honorable in all our dealings; we will be meek, loving and forgiving as we desire and hope to be forgiven.

5)      That we will be faithful, Christian workers.  We will do what ever Christian work comes to hand, shunning no cross, shirking no duty; we will even seek opportunities to do good, glorify God and save souls;