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Ava General Baptist Church

Wedding Policy

Thank you for choosing the Ava General Baptist Church as the Church for your special day.  This Church is committed to servicing you within the scope of Christian Service.

To ensure that events like this can continue in a pleasant and responsible way, the following must apply:

  • The Church facilities must be treated with respect and reasonable care.
  • No tobacco products/smoking in or near the Church is allowed.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted on Church property.
  • Only dripless candles can be used for wedding services.
  • The pulpit cannot be moved without assistance from the pastor or trustees.
  • No rice or birdseed may be thrown in the Church or near the front door.
  • The church must be cleaned after the wedding and everything put back as it was before the wedding by eight o’ clock the evening of the service.
  • No fee will be charged to Church Members, Families of Church Members, Regular Attendees (*), or Families of Regular Attendees.  (*) For the purpose of Church use for weddings, a regular attendee is an individual or family that has attended Sunday School or Worship Service regularly for at least three (3) months prior to the wedding date.
  • For people unrelated to the Church a $100.00 fee will be charged for the use of the sanctuary plus an extra $100.00 fee will be charged for the use of the fellowship hall if needed and a $100.00 cleaning deposit, which will be returned only if the Church is cleaned.  The charges and deposit must be paid (one) week prior to the rehearsal date.
  • 10. The sound system can only be operated by people approved by the church sound tech or pastor.  (The normal fee for the sound tech is $25.00)

Music Guidelines

The church wedding is a religious ceremony and all music presented should be that which is appropriate for a worship service.  All music will need to be approved prior to the wedding date.  The bride and groom will furnish all music (tapes, CD’s) needed for the ceremony the night of the rehearsal.  You will need to contact the sound technician Noel Dye (noeldye@avagneral.com) as early as possible, to operate the sound system in the worship center.


          The rehearsal is important.  If a beautiful and graceful ceremony is desired, everyone in the wedding party should be present.  Parents of both the bride and the groom should attend.  It is extremely important that the rehearsal begin and end on time.  The couple will be responsible for seeing that everyone is at the appointed place at the appointed time.

          Because the wedding rehearsal is a hectic time and because most people involved are extremely nervous, it is critical that the pastor be in charge of the wedding rehearsal.  This is to ensure that the wedding planned by the bride and groom with the pastor is exactly what takes place.

  • Please understand that the pastor retains complete control of the wedding ceremony, approval of the vows, and final word in any matters of procedure.
  • Our buildings and grounds are smoke and alcohol-free.  It is the obligations of the family wedding parties to make sure this is known and adhered to.
  • The church cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen articles.  We urge you to place valuables in secured and locked areas.

Planning Your Reception

          The fellowship hall and kitchen must be reserved at the time you reserve the church, if you wish to have your reception at Ava General Baptist.  If you are using a caterer, you should share our policies with them.  It is the caterers responsibility (or wedding family, if not using caterer) to return the kitchen to its previous state.  Everything washed and put away, food removed, kitchen area cleaned.  We do ask that no food or drink be taken beyond the fellowship hall (This is the responsibility of the wedding party).