Who we are

The Ava General Baptist Church was founded about 1885 and moved to it’s current location in 1890, which was the first church building built in Ava.  The first building is now part of the current building.  Services have been held consistently on the same corner for over 129 years.  We are members of the General Association of General Baptist headquartered in Poplar Bluff, MO.  The congregation of the Ava General Baptist Church has a heart for missions.  We support missions on both the national and international levels.  We are members of the Ava Ministerial Alliance.

Service Times

Sunday Morning Worship  – 10:45 am                                        

Children’s Church  –  10:45 am                                              

Sunday School  – 9:45 am                                                        

Nursery –   9:45 am and 10:45 am                                         

Monday Morning Men’s Prayer Group  –  7:00 am                                   Wednesday Evening Bible Study  –  7:00 pm                                               Wednesday Evening Student Ministries Meetings  –  6:30 pm


The purpose of the Ava General Baptist Church shall be to follow the teachings of the OLD and NEW TESTAMENTS by:

1)      Proclaiming the good news (GOSPEL) of the Kingdom of God.

2)      Making Disciples.

3)      Teaching the disciples to obey all commandments of our Lord.

4)      Seeking the spiritual growth of the membership through prayer, worship, preaching of the Gospel, Christian Education and the continuous outreach of the ministry.


Our Vision as General Baptists

We envision a denomination winning thousands of people to Jesus Christ and His mission, believing Christ tasted death for every man. The General Baptist theological belief that “. . . whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”  Romans 13 Having a New Testament understanding of the church engaged in evangelism and discipleship. We envision a group of people, through the power of the Holy Spirit, impacting our world, enhancing the ministry of established churches and starting new churches. Mission & Ministry Summit – July annual gathering Next Level Training – Churches effective for 21st century Church Leadership Seminars Planting Churches We envision a group of people sending missionaries throughout the world to unreached peoples and discipling them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ and His mission. Ministering in Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica, Saipan, Philippines, India, China, and Hong Kong. We envision a group of people building healthy churches, working in their communities and raising up new leaders. We envision leaders who are seeking God’s will and passionately pursuing His purpose. Helping churches to be healthy and growing. God calling pastors and missionaries from our churches. Churches caring for pastors. Education and training through Oakland City University and the self study course LAMP (Leaders Advancing in Ministry Program). We envision General Baptists unified in spirit, giving sacrificially, …doing together what we cannot do alone. Teaching stewardship in the family, church and he General Association of churches. Unified Giving program General Baptist Investment Fund Unite into one fellowship all the local associations and churches of General Baptists.