Ava General Baptist Church Inc.

P.O. Box 116

Located At The Corner Of S.E. 3rd Street And S.E. 3rd Avenue

Ava, Missouri65608


Article I.  Church Membership

Section 1 Qualifications:  The membership of the church shall consist of such persons who confess Jesus Christ to be their Savior and Lord and who meet the following requirements:

A.  New converts will meet with the Senior Pastor and/or Deacons to receive instructions in the meaning of their Christian experience and to learn their privileges and responsibilities as church members.  Upon their baptism by immersion (in cases of physical disability, other methods of adult baptism may be acceptable for church membership), they may present themselves for membership at any of the regular church services to be accepted by majority vote of the active members present.

B.  After due examination by the Senior Pastor and/or Deacons, Christians coming from a church of like faith may present themselves for acceptance into the membership by letter, by recommendation or by satisfactory personal statement of faith at any regular church service to be accepted by majority vote of the active members present.

Section 2 Rights:  All active church members may act and vote in the transactions of the church

Section 3 Quorum:  Five percent of the active membership shall constitute a quorum for business meetings.

Section 4 Termination:  Members shall be removed from the church membership for the following reasons:

A.  Death of the member.

B.  Upon written or personal verbal request, any member in good standing who desires a letter of dismissal or recommendation to any other church, of like faith, is entitled to receive it.

C.  If a member request to be released from, his/her covenant obligations to this church, for reasons, which the church deems satisfactory, after the Senior Pastor and Chairman of the Deacons shall patiently and kindly endeavor to secure his/her continued fellowship.  Such may be granted and his/her membership terminated.

D.  Should a member become an offense to the church and its good name by reason of immoral or unchristian conduct, the church may terminate his/her membership, but only after due notice and hearing and after faithful efforts have been made to bring such member to repentance and amendment.

Section 5 Standing:  Any member that does not attend and support the ministry of the church with his/her time, talents, and financial resources in a period of 3 months period will be placed on an inactive list, with exception given to those who are sick and shut-in or on active military duty.  A committee of the Senior Pastor, one Deacon representative, church clerk and financial secretary may meet quarterly but no less than annually to revise the church rolls to keep our church membership rolls up to date.  Inactive members may be restored to active status after demonstrating faithfulness through regular attendance and support of the ministry of the church with his/her time, talents, and financial resources for a period of no less than 3 months and upon recommendation of the above committee.

Section 6 Voting:  Each active member is entitled to one vote.  Voting by proxy is prohibited.                                                                                        

Article II.  Church Officers

Senior Pastor

Section 1 Duties:

A.  The Senior Pastor, Pastoral support staff with the assistance of the Deacons, shall have charge of the spiritual welfare of the church.

B.  The Senior Pastor and ordained support staff shall administer the ordinances of the church.

C.  The Senior Pastor, with the assistance of the Deacons, is to direct the total program and to minister to the spiritual welfare of the church body.

D.  Represent the church in the reception of new members.

E.  Comfort the bereaved, assist the distressed, visit the sick and give counsel to those who seek it.

F.  Moderate church business meetings unless otherwise stated.

G. Serve as ex officio member of all boards, auxiliaries and committees and perform all duties common to such office in a General Baptist Church.

H.  The Senior Pastor shall serve as the President of the Corporation.

I.  The Senior Pastor and the Registered Agent of the Corporation signatures shall be required on all contracts, deeds or titles for the corporation.

J. The Senior Pastor shall administer annual evaluations to staff members during the month of October.

Section 2 Calling:

A.  When a vacancy is foreseen, a pulpit committee shall be elected by the church to seek out a suitable pastor.  The committee shall bring one (1) candidate at a time to the consideration of the church.  Election shall take place at a meeting called for that purpose.  Election of the Senior Pastor shall be by secret ballot, an affirmative vote of 2/3 majority of active members being present necessary for a choice.

Section 2 Terms of Service:

A.  The Senior Pastor shall serve until either he/she or the church decides to terminate the relationship, which termination shall occur at expiration of a thirty (30) day notice.

B.  The status of the Senior Pastor’s employment shall be discussed and voted upon by secret ballot, at any called business meeting deemed necessary by the Deacons, as long as two (2) weeks notice is given.  A majority vote of active members present is required for dismissal.

C.  The Board of Deacons shall act as a Senior Pastor/Congregation relation board.

D.  Annually the Senior Pastor will receive an evaluation from the Board of Deacons during the month of October.

Section 2 Benefits:

A.  The Senior Pastor may receive benefits as part of the church’s annual budget.

B.  The Senior Pastor’s vacation shall include one (1) Sunday for each week of vacation.


Section 1 Number:
A,  There shall be no specified number of deacons. The number will be determined by the needs of the church and those qualified to serve (1 Timothy 3:8-12) as determined by the Senior Pastor and Board of Deacons to fulfill the vision of the Church.

Section 2 Qualifications:

A.  A Deacon must be a Christian for a minimum of three years.
B.  A Deacon must be a member of Ava General Baptist Church.
C.  A Deacon must meet the spiritual qualifications as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:8-12.
D.  A Deacon must be an active supporter (tithes, attendance, service) of the ministries of Ava General Baptist Church for a minimum of one year.
E.  A Deacon shall demonstrate an exemplary Christian testimony in private, family, and public life.
F.  There shall be no obligation to recognize a Deacon who comes to this Church from another church of like faith, but after 1 year of faithful participation the Deacon may be considered by the Board of Deacons and recommended by the Board of Deacons to the Church.

Section 3 Election: 

A.  The election of Deacons shall be at a regular or called business meeting of the church.
B.  The Board of Deacons and Senior Pastor shall identify, interview and prayerfully consider qualified candidates.   
C.  Upon unanimous approval by the Board of Deacons and Senior Pastor, the qualified candidate who is able and willing to serve is presented to the church.
D.  A notice will be posted in a prominent place in the church for a period of at least three consecutive Sundays and a written or verbal announcement given on each of the three Sundays. During this period:
1.  The church shall be in prayer
2.  Congregation shall express to the Deacons support for the candidate or any concerns or objections regarding the suitability of any of the deacon candidates.
3.  The Deacons consider all feedback from the congregation in order to determine the suitability of the candidate and the degree of congregational support.
E.  The Board of Deacons shall bring to the church one candidate at a time to the consideration of the church.  However, nominations may also be made from the floor.
F.  Election shall be by secret ballot.
G.  An affirmative vote for majority active members being present necessary for a choice.

Section 4 Term of Service:

A.  The regular term of office for a Deacon shall be three (3) years.
B.  Active Deacons are eligible for re-election at the end of their current term with no waiting period.
C.  The Deacons shall be divided as nearly as possible into three equal groups with one group going out of office each year.

 Section 5 Ordination:

A.  After a period of testing (1 year), the Deacon will then be presented to the Church for ordination. Once ordained, Deacons shall serve the remainder of their term as long as they are faithful to their duties.
B.  The Church Council and Senior Pastor shall serve as the Ordaining Council.
C.  When ordination of Deacons is planned by the church, it shall authorize the Ordaining council to examine the Deacon in training concerning their qualifications to serve as deacons.
D.  When the council recommends the ordination of deacons, the ordination service shall be scheduled and led by the Senior Pastor.


Section 6 Expectations:

A.  In accordance with the meaning of the word and practice of the New Testament, Deacons are to be servants of Ava General Baptist Church.
B.  They will prayerfully seek God’s will for Ava General Baptist Church and faithfully proclaim the truth of God’s Word as they support the Senior Pastor in his responsibility as the primary teacher, vision caster and directional leader.
C.  Be zealous to guard the unity of the spirit within the church in the bonds of peace.
D.  Support the vision, mission, values, and ministries of Ava General Baptist Church.
E.  Support and encourage the Senior Pastor and church staff in a spirit of humility, cooperation, and prayer.
F.  Serve in a spirit of mutual accountability, where the Senior Pastor is accountable to the Deacons and the Deacons are accountable to the Senior Pastor.
G.  Assist the pastoral staff in the administration of the ordinances of the church.
H.  By proper organization and method among themselves, they are to establish and maintain personal fraternal relationships with, and inspiring supervision of, all the congregation.
I.  They are to seek to know the physical needs and the normal and spiritual struggles of the congregation and serve the whole church in relieving, encouraging, and developing all who are in need.
J.  Deacons and wives are one; therefore, wives are expected to keep confidential sensitive subjects related to deacon matters.
K.  They will assist the Senior Pastor in the administration of discipline of church members.
L.  The Board of Deacons shall meet each year not later than ten (10) days after the Deacon’s election and elect Officers.
M.  Each Deacon will evaluate his continued service and will be reviewed by the Senior Pastor annually in October.
N.  The Board of Deacons shall evaluate the Senior Pastor annually in October.
ODeacons shall submit annual reports to the Church Council by December 31.
P.  In any period when the church is without a Senior Pastor, the Deacons will arrange for temporary ministry.


Section 7 Termination

A.  Any deacon may resign by written notification to the Senior Pastor and Board of Deacons.
B.  Failure to fulfill the expectations or meet the qualifications outlined in this document, the Senior Pastor with proper investigation and consent of the Church Council may terminate the term of any Deacon.
C.  Upon the accusation of two or three witnesses (1 Timothy 5:19), the Senior Pastor and Chairman of Deacon Board (Deacon Representative if Chairman is accused) will investigate any charges preferred against a Deacon. If conclusive evidence is found to substantiate the charges, the Senior Pastor with consent of the Church Council shall terminate of any Deacon for any violation of the qualifications for Deacon as set forth in the By-Laws with particular sensitivity to immoral conduct, possessing a divisive spirt and/or fostering discord among the Church or behavior that is deemed reproach upon the Church.  The Deacon shall be rebuked publicly in a meeting called to inform the congregation of the termination. In the case of specific sin, the Scriptural mandate for Church discipline shall be followed (Matthew 18:15-17; I Timothy 5:20).


Section 1 Number:

A.  The board of trustees shall be three (3) in number.

Section 2 Election and Term of Service:

A.  One (1) shall be elected each year to serve for three (3) years or until their successor shall be elected.

B.  Active trustees are eligible for re-election at the end of their current term with no waiting period.

C.  They shall meet each year not later than ten (10) days after the trustee’s election and name a chairperson, who shall represent on the Church Council and chair trustee meetings.

Section 2 Duties:

A.  The trustees will hold in trust all the property belonging to the church.

B.  They shall have actual care of the places of worship and other properties; but they shall have no power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease or transfer any property without specific vote of the church authorizing such action.

C.  The trustees shall have supervision of the janitorial work, shall by authority of the church employ, direct, and dismiss the services of the janitor or janitors.

D.  They shall also be in charge of the maintenance of the buildings and grounds.

E.  They shall maintain adequate insurance coverage for all church properties.

F.  The trustees are authorized to spend for the repair and upkeep of church property the amount of money that the church budgets for that purpose.  However, in the event of an emergency, the trustees may take whatever actions are needed to keep the church and/or church properties in safe condition.

Clerk/Church Secretary

Section 1 Duties:

A.  The clerk shall keep on file a record of all the actions of the church.

B.  Efficiently keep a register of names of active and inactive members with the dates of admission, dismissal or death, together with a record of baptisms.

C.  Shall issue letters of dismissal in accordance with Church Membership Section 4 and shall preserve on file all communications and written official reports.

D.  When the clerk can no longer perform his/her duties because of health or other reasons, the assistant shall assume full responsibility.

E.  Upon the termination of his/her office, the clerk shall relinquish all records and books to his/her successor.

F.  Shall be represented on the Church Council.

G. Shall serve as the secretary of the corporation.


Section 1 Duties:

A.  Shall disburse the money as directed by the church.

B.  Shall make regular financial reports to the church.

C.  The financial records of the church shall be available to any and all active members of the church.

E.  Shall be represented on the Church Council.

D. The treasurer’s signature along with the financial secretary’s signature shall be required on all documents pertaining to banking of the corporation,    with exception of checking accounts which shall require the signature of the treasurer or assistant treasurer.
F.  Shall serve as the treasurer of the corporation.

Financial Secretary

Section 1 Duties:

A.  The financial secretary shall receive all monies and deposit same into the accounts of The Ava General Baptist Church Inc. and shall give the treasurer a duplicate signed deposit slip.

B.  The financial secretary’s signature along with the treasurer’s signature shall be required on all documents pertaining to banking of the corporation, with exception of checking accounts.

C.  Shall be represented on the Church Council.

Officers of Church Auxiliaries

All auxiliaries of the church shall be under church control.  All heads of auxiliaries are to report regularly to the church council.  It is understood that the Senior Pastor is ex-officio member of all auxiliaries of the church, and his/her leadership is to be recognized in each one.

Section 1 Sunday School Officers:

A.  The General Sunday School Superintendent shall be elected annually in the 3rd quarter (July) business meeting.

B.  The superintendent and Nominating Team will bring the church nominations of general officers – assistant superintendent, department superintendents, secretary, and other needed officers in the 4th quarter (October) business meeting.  In each case, the nominations will be presented to the church for election at its discretion with any changes it may decide to make.

C.  Following the election of Sunday School officers and teachers, a public installation service will be held at the beginning of the Church year.

Section 2 Other Auxiliaries:

A.  All other auxiliaries of the church will elect their own officers with the understanding that these are subject to the approval of the church.

Church Staff

Section 1 Definition:

A.  The church staff shall include both pastoral staff (ordained) and non-pastoral staff (non-ordained).

Section 2 Employment:

A.  Non-Pastoral staff shall be employed by recommendation of the Senior Pastor and action of the Church Council on behalf of the Church.

B.  Pastoral Staff shall be recommended to the church by the church council and duly elected by ballot.

C.  Staff can sever his/her employment at anytime, with or without notice, and without a particular reason or cause.

D.  The Church Council can terminate employment of any non-pastoral staff, at any time, with or without notice and with or without a particular reason or cause.

Section 2 Duties:

A.  Job descriptions shall be written when the need for staff is determined.

B.  All staff members unless other wise noted will be directly responsible to the Senior Pastor.

Terms of Church Officers

Except as otherwise herein provided, all church officers shall be elected for a term of one (1) year subject to the continued pleasure of the church.  Should the church so desire, it may terminate the office of any member at any time except as is otherwise provided for the office of Senior Pastor.


Section 1 General:

A.  The Church may establish teams for specific purposes as are needed to accomplish the ministries of the Church.

B.  They shall hold meetings as necessary, unless otherwise stated herein, for conducting matters of business.

C.  They shall make regular reports to the Church Council and at quarterly business meetings.

D.  When a team is newly formed, the terms of its members shall be staggered.  Afterwards, each member shall be elected for a three (3) year term, unless otherwise stated herein.

E.  In the event a team member is unable to complete their term of service, the Chairperson of the committee shall report this to the Nominating Team who will seek a replacement to be presented to the Church for election to fill the unexpired term.

F.   Upon completion of their term of service, an individual is eligible for re-election to that same team without any waiting period.

G. Each team shall elect a Chairperson, Vice-Chair and Secretary during their first meeting of the Church year and report the name to the Senior Pastor, unless otherwise stated in the bylaws.

H.  No person shall simultaneously serve as chairperson of more than one standing team included in this section (Article III).

I.     Each team shall conduct its organizational meeting not less than two (2) months after the beginning of the Church calendar year, unless otherwise stated herein.

J.    Each team shall record minutes of each meeting and make the minutes available as historical records of the church.

K.  A quorum, consisting of a simple majority of its total members, must be present for a team to conduct business, unless otherwise stated herein.

L.  Because of the great responsibility entrusted to member of teams, it is necessary for all such members to attend scheduled meetings.  Those who are absent from three (3) consecutive scheduled meetings and are not excused by the team, shall be deemed to have submitted their resignation as a member of that team.  The vacancy shall be reported to the Nominating Team, who will present nominee(s) to the Church for election of a replacement to serve the remainder of the term.

M.  The Church Council may review annually the need for each standing team to determine if any team is no longer needed.  Any recommended action will be presented to the Church for approval.

Section 2 Duties of Team Members:

A.  Know the purpose, duties and members of the team.

B.  Be present and on time for meetings

C.  Participate in discussion.

D.  Contribute to the planning and achievement of activities/projects.

E.  Complete assignments as agreed upon.

F.   Keep the team chairperson informed about progress on assignments.

G. Report on assignments at team meetings.

Section 3 Duties of  Team Chairperson:

A.  Know the purpose, duties and members of the team.

B.  Submit an annual budget request to the Budget Committee and then administer the budget as approved by the Church (if applicable).

C.  Serve as a member of the church council.

D.  Plan the agenda for each team meeting.

E.  Conduct meetings

      (1)     Each meeting should have a purpose.

      (2)     Each meeting should have an agenda.

      (3)     Each meeting needs resources.

      (4)     Each meeting should plan for follow-up.

      (5)     Each meeting should be reported.

F.  Assign responsibilities to team members for follow-through actions.

G. Lead the team to:

      (1)     Identify and schedule some activities/projects.

      (2)     Develop a sequence of actions.

      (3)     Prepare a timetable.

      (4)     Determine resources needed.

      (5)     Complete activities/projects.

H.  Report team action(s), as appropriate, to the church council and at church business meetings.

I.  Inform the moderator of reports to be made during the church business meeting.

J. Provide a copy of any reports made during the church business meeting to the church clerk for permanent record in the minutes of the church.

K. Collaborate as necessary with church staff, church officers, church council, program directors, and other team.

Section 4 Nursery Team:

A.  Purpose:  Supervise an effective and efficient Nursery Program.

B.  Membership:  Team shall consist of 3 members.

C.  Duties:

(1)     Recruit and train volunteers to serve in the nursery.

(2)     Schedule nursery workers for every service and special church wide events in which nursery care is needed.

(3)     Develop and evaluate, as needed, rules and regulations for the nursery.  These rules and regulations are to be approved by the Church Council.

(4)     Organize the nursery and ensure its cleanliness and safety.

a)         Routinely inspect nursery equipment, toys and supplies.

b)        Report repair and maintenance needs to appropriate personnel.

c)         Clean/disinfect toys, furnishings, equipment and rooms as necessary.

d)        Restock supplies when needed.

(5)     Hear all complaints and recommendations relative to the nursery.

(6)     Oversee budget and expenditures for the nursery ministry.

(7)     Keep a current list of nursery caregivers with names/addresses/phone numbers/email addresses. 

Section 5 Nominating Team:

A.  Purpose:  Shall lead in staffing all Church-elected positions filled by volunteers, including vacancies, which occur during the year.

B.  Membership:

(1)     The team shall consist of three (3) members plus the General Sunday School Superintendent and the Senior Pastor.

(2)     The Church Council shall recommend to the church, in the 3rd quarter (July) business meetings, members to constitute the nominating team.

C.  Duties:

(1)     Shall bring to the church nominations of all officers for election except those of pastoral staff and Deacon.

(2)     Shall bring to the church nominations of all teams heretofore mentioned, unless otherwise noted, for election.

(3)     Shall canvas the church roll and otherwise seek to discover persons suitable for office.

(4)     Bearing and tactfully obtain from members preferences for persons to fill various offices.

(5)     Nominations from the floor will be recognized and accepted in addition to those of the Nominating Team.

(6)     Make nominations as needed or when vacancies arise.

Section 6 Children’s Church Team:

A.  Purpose:  To minister to the spiritual needs of children K – 4th grade during Sunday Morning Worship services.

B.  Membership:  Team shall consist of 3 members.

C.  Duties:

(1)     To help children worship God in an age-appropriate way.

(2)     Familiarize and enthuse the children about the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that they want to join regular worship with a burning desire to learn more about the gospel and to become disciples who reach out and minister to others.

(3)     Supervision over the Children’s Church Ministry (schedules, lesson plans, etc.)

(4)     Hear all complaints and recommendations relative to Children’s Church.

(5)     Oversee budget and expenditures for the Children’s Church Ministry.

(6)     Develop and evaluate, as needed, rules and regulations for Children’s Church.  These rules and regulations are to be approved by the Church Council.

Section 7 Church Health Team:

A.  Purpose:  To recommend ideas to provide the best possible environment for the worship of God for all people.

B.  Membership: 

(1)     This team will have open membership.  Anyone from the church body having a desire to see God’s people and His church grow and become healthier are encouraged to attend.

(2)     The team shall recommend to the Nominating Committee officers of the committee for church approval in the 4th quarter business meeting.

(3)     Officers shall be Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary

(4)     A quorum shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members and two (2) officers.

C.  Duties:

(1)     Promote prayer as the cornerstone of church health and personal growth.

(2)     To examine all needs of the church both present and future.

(3)     Promote the spiritual life and growth of the congregation.

(4)     Evaluate all programs to the Church’s Mission Statement.

(5)     Evaluate and commit to meeting the spiritual and worship needs of various generations.

(6)     To develop strategies, training and services that are more responsive to the congregations needs.

(7)     Explore ways to increase and improve individual discipleship.

(8)     Evaluate the efficiency and relevance of all current church services provided.

(9)     Promote a spirit of joy that is expressed in worship of God.

Section 8 Care Team:

A.  Purpose: To focus on the vision of encouraging, equipping and encountering during times of struggle and need, as well as on special occasions.
B.  Membership: The team will be coordinated by the Deacon’s wives and will utilize a team of volunteers.  The Deacon’s wives will serve as the officers of the team.
C.  Duties:
(1)  Arrange for a meal for the family in the event of a death at the Church, in-home or at a local restaurant.
(2)  Arrange for short term in-home meals for major health issues, family crisis, a time of loss or transition, or an addition to the family. Meals may be provided for breakfast, lunch or dinner and do not need to be homemade.
(3)  Organize and coordinate a prayer chain.
(4)  Organize fellowship dinners and other special occasions as directed by the church.
(5)  Administer budgeted and special funds as approved by the Church.
(6)  Maintain an adequate inventory of kitchen equipment and supplies for church needs.
(7)  Suggest to the church polices for use of the kitchen(s), fellowship hall and Activity Center when used for meals
(8)  Establish and maintain a regular inspection to insure cleanliness and the maintenance of the kitchen and all equipment.

Section 9 Youth Team:

A.  Purpose:  Will assist the Youth Pastor/Director (Senior Pastor if no Youth Pastor/Director) in coordinating and implementing the overall youth ministry and mission of the Church.

B.  Membership:  The team shall consist of five (5) members.

C.  Duties:

(1)     To offer support in all areas of the youth ministries.

(2)     Review and assist all planning and coordinating of the youth ministry.

(3)     Review and recommend to the Budget Committee all budget requirements for the programs of the youth ministry.

(4)     Administer budgeted and special funds as approved by the Church.

(5)     Serve and gather support for the youth ministry and activities

(6)     Assist with the promotion of the youth ministry and activities.

(7)     Initiate goals that are in keeping with the Church and its structure.

(8)     To give reports to the Church on the status of the Youth Ministry.

Section 10 Music Team:

A.  Purpose:  Planning and coordinating all musical programs of the church.

B.  Membership:  The team shall consist of  three  (3) members

C.  Duties:

(1)     Ensure proper maintenance of all musical instruments and equipment.

(2)     Recommend to the Budget Committee any funding needs for supplies, equipment, etc. for the music program. 

 Article V. Church Finance

Section 1 Budget Team:

A.  Purpose:  Shall set forth all financial priorities of the Church including local expenses, denominational support and other non-local charities.

B.  Membership:

(1)     Upon recommendation of the Church Council, members to the Budget Teame shall be appointed each year in the October quarterly business meeting.

(2)     The team shall be six (6) members and the Church Treasurer.

C.  Duties:

(1)     Develop the overall Church budget.

(2)     Make available copies of the proposed Church Budget two (2) weeks prior to final approval of the budget in the January business meeting.

(3)     Monitor the budget, review expenditures, and make any needed recommendations to revise the budget based on current trends throughout the year.

Section 2 Special Offerings and Fund Raisers.

A.  No special offerings or money raising methods may be sought by the Church or any of it’s auxiliaries except by approval of the Church after recommendation of the Church Council.

B.  This does not preclude individuals making special offerings at any time as the Spirit of God may move them.

C.  A special offering shall be used for what ever the individual making the offering designates.

Section 3 Indebtedness:

A.  No indebtedness shall be incurred for the Church except by authorization from the Church by direct vote.

Section 4 Expenditures:

A.  Expenditures not provided for by the church budget shall not be made except by the following:

(1)     Action of the Church Council.

(2)     Direct vote of the Church

Section 5 Stewardship:

A.  The Church Covenant states that membership in this church involves financial obligation to support the church and its cause.

B.  The Church further recommends regular and proportionate giving.

Section 6 Fiscal Year:

A.  The church fiscal year shall run concurrently with the church year, which begins January 1 and ends on December 31.

 Article V.  Meetings

Section 1 Worship

A.  Public services shall be held statedly on the Lord’s Day and on some regular evening or evenings each week.

B.  The Lord’s Supper shall be observed once each quarter of the year and at such times as the church may determine.

C.  Occasional religious meetings may be appointed by the Senior Pastor with consent of the church.

Section 2 Regular Business:

A.  Regular business meetings shall be held quarterly on Wednesdays following the second Sunday in January, April, July and October of each year.  Except due to inclement weather, which will be the next Wednesday.

B.  The agenda shall be made available at least one (1) week prior to the business meeting.

Section 2 Special Business:

A.  The Senior Pastor may, and shall when requested by the Deacons, Trustees or a standing committee, call from the pulpit during public worship special business meetings to be held on Sunday evening or Wednesday evening, if called in the Sunday morning worship service.

B.  The particular reason for the meeting must be clearly stated in the bulletin, and only the business for which the special meeting was announced may be transacted.

Section 2 Quorum:

A.  Five percent of the active membership shall constitute a quorum for business meetings, provided it is a stated meeting or one that has been properly called.

Section 2 Parliamentary Procedure:

A.  The latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised is the authority for parliamentary rules of procedure for all business meetings of the church and for all other meetings that demand voting of the church members, including committee meetings.

Section 2 Church Year:

A.  The church year shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.

 Article V.  Discipline

Section 1 Should any unhappy difference arise between members, the aggrieved members shall follow, in tender spirit, the rules given by our Lord in the eighteenth chapter of Matthew.

Section 2 Should any case of gross breach of covenant or of public scandal occur, the Deacons shall endeavor to remove the offense and, if such effort fails, shall report the case to the church.

Section 3 If the church votes to entertain a complaint which must be made in writing, it shall appoint a reasonable time and place of hearing and notify the person or persons in question thereof, furnishing them with a copy of the charges.

Section 4 At such hearing, the accused member may call to their aid any member of the church as council.  If they shall not present themselves at the appointed time or give satisfactory reasons for their neglect to do so, the church may proceed in their absence.

Section 5 This meeting will be open only to the active members of the church, and it will not be held on the night of the church’s regular business meeting.

Section 6 All such proceedings shall be pervaded by a spirit of Christian kindness and forbearance but should an adverse decision be reached, the church may proceed to admonish or declare the offender no longer a member of the church.

Section 7 In case of grave difficulty, the church will be ready, if requested, to ask the advice of an acceptable council from neighboring churches of like faith. 

Article V.  The Church Council

Section 1 Purpose:  The Church Council shall seek to correlate and coordinate the activities and organizations of the church.

Section 2 Membership:  The Church Council, unless otherwise determined by the church, shall be composed of:

A.  Clerk, treasurer, financial secretary, music director, chairperson of the deacons, chairperson of the trustees, leaders of each church auxiliary (ex. Sunday School, Women’s Ministries, GBY, Children’s Church Director, Nursery Director) and the chairs of all standing church teams.

B.  The Senior Pastor and Pastoral Staff are ex officio members.

Section 3 Duties:  The objectives of the Church Council are four (4) in number:

A.  To recommend the objectives and goals for the year to the church

B.  To plan the church calendar

C.  To plan the entire educational program of the church

D.  To develop wholehearted cooperation of all the church auxiliaries and committees.

Section 2 Meetings: 

A.  The council may meet monthly or on call of the Chair or Senior Pastor at any time deemed necessary.

B.  The chair of the Deacons shall chair all council meetings.  In the absence of the chair, the Senior Pastor shall chair the council meeting.

Section 2 Procedures:  The procedure of the council meeting may be indicated by the following agenda, subject to change as occasion may require;

A.  Scripture reading and prayer.

B.  Reports from church auxiliaries and other leaders including progress since last meeting and program of work for the coming month.

C.  Report from the Senior Pastor on the progress in evangelism.

D.  Reports from Pastoral Staff.

E.  A long range look at the church calendar for three (3) or more months into the future.

F.  A careful study of the church calendar for at least one (1) month in advance.

G. Resolving of any conflict in plans of church organizations or committees.

H.  A look at problems, which should be, supplied consideration.

I.  Discussion of needs, which should be supplied cooperatively.

J. Consideration of objectives, which call for teamwork.

K. Spiritual emphasis, which all may join.

L.  Season of prayer for special purposes.

Section 2 Authority:

A.  All matters agreed upon by the Council, calling for action not already provided for and not requiring immediate attention shall be recommended to the church for approval, amendment or disapproval.

B.  The Church Council shall have the power to act in place of the congregation when action is required which should not be delayed until the next regular or special business meeting. 

 Article VI.  Amendments

Section 1 The By-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members present and voting in any single business meeting of the church.                                                                  

Revised 10/13/2021